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Website Express is a Montana based company which offers a unique hosting platform that allows you to take control of your website through our exclusive website hosting and content management system (CMS). When we design mobile responsive websites for Billings businesses we utilize our software platform which allows you to edit pages, create menu links, create text links, add images, videos and most importantly, set the Search Engine Optimized Meta Tags for your Billings business. If you know how to write an email, then you have the technological skills necessary to promote your business on the internet here in the Billings area of Montana and beyond.

Having a Mobile Website is the Cheapest, Easiest and Most Effective Way of Promoting Your Billings Business Throughout the Billings area, and Montana.



Billings Mobile Responsive Website Design


The internet has changed, with over 50% of websites now being accessed directly by people using their smart phones. Therefore, when people are searching for your business, product and service in the Billings, Laurel, Columbus, Lockwood, Huntley, Worden, or Ballantine area they are most likely using their mobile device. This is why all of our custom website design services in the Billings area conform to mobile devices. If your local customer in the Billings area cannot view your website on their smart phone, they are most likely clicking away and going to your competitor who probably has a mobile friendly website design.

We offer many different types of fully responsive, mobile, website designs and styles, and also hybrids of these styles. Some design styles are more suitable for online gallery websites, while others are better for business websites that channel your local Billings customers along predetermined paths toward a call to action.


Website Hosting Addons are Essential Internet Marketing Tools For Your Business in Billings


Newsletter and Email software for Your Responsive Website in Billings

Newsletter Addon - Capture emails and build newsletter lists for clients all over the Billings area. You can separate individual campaigns by locations like Billings, Laurel, Columbus, Lockwood, Huntley, Worden, Ballantine, etc. Or you can manage them by business types, or client types at a click of a button. Our Newsletter Addon also comes with a unique template that matches the design of your mobile website, maximizing your online marketing reach all over Montana and beyond.


Article and Blog software for Your Responsive Website in Billings

Article Manager - Creating unique links to your mobile friendly website is the best way to help push your Billings business onto the front page of Google. Search Engine Optimization experts maintain that creating content that is informative and demonstrates your quality products and services to your clients in the Billings area is critical. Our easy to use article manager will have you blogging and creating customized article content and RSS feeds that get index and place you on the top of Google Search Engine Listing.


Image Gallery software for Your Responsive Website in Billings

Image Gallery - Show off your portfolio of work from your Billings Storefront or from job sites all over Montana. Post pictures of your products and also utilize those pictures on Social Media websites like Facebook and Instagram. Everybody loves images what better way to show people your quality products and services offered right here in Billings than through an image gallery.





Search Engine Optimization in Billings Montana

Get Your Business on Google's Front Page in Billings


Search Engine Optimization that targets Billings and the Flathead Valley Customers

Your competition in the Billings area knows that being on the front page of Google is as good as Gold. There are two things that must happen to successfully position your Billings company website on Google's front page when targeting local businesses in Billings, Laurel, Columbus, Lockwood, Huntley, Worden, or Ballantine.

Billings On-site Search Engine Optimization - Your Billings company website must first target a select group of keywords that best represents your products and services. These Keywords then must be filtered into multiple levels of your website to assure that they are being properly indexed by Google's search engine.

Billings Off-site Search Engine Optimization - Google search engine algorithms determine who gets placed on the top of their page through "Link Popularity." Link Popularity simply means how many links are pointing from other websites to your website. The more links you have, the higher Google will rank you in their search index which in turn means your business and website, will be at the top of Google for your industry-related search words. Website Express can help you with your Billings Off-site Search Engine Optimization. If you are in a highly competitive service or industry with lots of business competition in the Billings area, then you will need to consider Off-site Search Engine Optimization.


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